10 places to explore in Montenegro.

10 things to see in Montenegro.

10 Things to see in Niksic.

Please note that, for obvious reasons, many of these pictures are not mine, but the original location IS given in full - if this breaks copyright conditions, please let me know and I will take them down immediately.

1Zupci - This line of jagged peaks looking like teeth (the name means teeth) is seemingly impossible to climb, while most of the surrounding peaks are very accessible. My previous attempt to check out the area was thwarted by rain.<<Zupci
Zla Kolata>>Mt. Zla Kolata - Although I have climbed in the Prokletije Mountains, it was a fairly tame ascent, so I am looking forward to climbing Montenegro's highest peak, right on the Albanian border (2534m). I am not sure whether the peak is in Albania or Montenegro. Picture from http://images.summitpost.org/original/141302.jpg2
3Nevidio canyon - until surprisingly recently this canyon had not been fully explored. Even now, it is only passable through the waters of the River Komarnica. The most famous view of this canyon is of the entrance to the canyon, with its bridge high above the river. The picture shown is a few hundred metres beyond the entrance, before it became dangerous. The tour of the entire canyon is recommended only with a guide and is possible only with ropes and wetsuit.<<Nevidio Canyon
Surdup Canyon, Krnovo>>Surdup Canyon is a little-known canyon (now dry) leading from the Krnovo Plain down towards the village of Praga. I could not find any good pictures of this place.4
5Subra Amphitheatre - an intriguing natural amphitheatre in the Orjen range, in an area which has the highest precipitation in Europe, but where there are very little access to water. Natural dangers include posionous snakes, lightning strikes and the aforementioned lack of water. (DID HIGHEST PEAK OF ORJEN) Picture from http://www.panoramio.com/photo/5649230<<Subra Amphitheatre
Grlja Gorge>>Grlja gorge - a very narrow canyon hidden in the far corner of Montenegro near the Albanian border, not far from Gusinje. The canyon is irregularly shaped along its length generally without straight sides down. This is definitely a trip only to be experienced with a good guide and mountaineering equipment. Half-way along it is a waterfall, and there are several naturally formed rock bridges along it. Picture from http://www.panoramio.com/photo/163595826
7Kom Mountains (Komovi) - I must admit to not knowing much about these mountains, nor having seen much of them. I drove through them once from Andrijevica to Kolašin, but I don't really know which part to go to. Any advice? Picture from www.planinarskogorica.co.me/nnnn/Komovi7.jpg<<Kom Mountains
Lake Trnovac & Mt.Maglic>>Piva Mountains with the remote mountain Lake Trnovac beside Mt. Maglić in the Piva region of Montenegro near its border with Bosnia & Herzegovina are a really magical place. Having planned for the last 12 years to go there, I finally managed it, and it didn't disappoint in the slightest. However, be prepared for a climb in excess of 1,000m.8
9Doclea (Duklja) - an ancient archaeological site just a stone's throw from Podgorica, with partially restored Roman architecture. In the course of my professional work, I have read a lot of literature about this place and seen some underwhelming pictures of stone columns strewn around overgrown grassland. However, because of its historical importance, it is at least worth a look. Picture from http://www.montenegro.travel/scms/media.php/12848/Diklja%20%20001.jpg<<Doclea
Babin zub>>Babin zub - Grandmother's tooth, the name means, not to be confused by the highest peak of Maganik, which has the same name. This is part of the high plateau of Sinjajevina, although often designated part of the Moraca Mountains. I have made two attempts to find a path up the southern face of this mountain, without success (there is a marked path from the north).10
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