Sedlena greda (2,227 m) 
Saturday, August 23, 2014, 10:55 pm
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Having seen this saddle-shaped mountain from the first time I climbed Prutas, it had been my desire to climb it, although I was worried about being able to find a path. There is a path, but somehow it is a bit challenging to follow because of many goat paths, but it isn’t dangerous as long as you are sensible. From the parking area at the high point of the road going along the southern edge of Durmitor, the path leads directly up the mountain, and then takes a left, following the same rough level going all the way around the nearest of these two peaks. Once around, the path leads downwards into the centre of the saddle and then there is a grassy climb up to the ridge on the second peak, right of the sheer rocky cliffs. Following the ridge upwards, there are a few tricky parts where care is needed, and then the path passes to the southern side until the path turns upwards for the last climb. Excellent views of Mt. Sljeme opposite. Return by the same route.
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Summer holidays on the Montenegrin coast 
Friday, August 8, 2014, 5:29 pm
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For anyone thinking of visiting Montenegro with children, I thought I would share some of the things I found for my nieces, with information correct at the date of publishing and with some idea of how successful the activities were.

Beaches – apart from Plavi Horizonti (near Radovici) which has a sandy beach (€3 for parking), most of the beaches that were not completely packed were rather disappointing. These were mainly on the Bay of Kotor, and scored low because they were dirty, slimy rocks or just had a concrete area for sunbathing. We were too far from Ulcinj, and were trying to avoid the crowds of Budva.

Swimming – the Aqua Park in Becici at the Hotel Mediteran (can’t remember the price was a great hit, with plenty of water slides and a nice swimming pool. I think we could have done this several times without it becoming boring. Also my youngest niece loved swimming in Lake Skadar half-way through a lake cruise, ( - €20 each for a two-hour cruise) due to the warm fresh water.

Activities – the Adventure Park in Ivanova Korita (, with many courses with zip lines through the trees (€18 for adults, something less for children) was good fun although my nieces got physically tired relatively soon. We were thinking of doing some rock climbing (, but the price of €40 for the day each was perhaps too much.
Kayaking on the Zeta (self-organised) and rafting on the Tara (for which we managed to get special prices were also good fun, despite being a long drive from Kotor, where we were mainly based.
A couple of cruises on the Boka, one in a larger boat, the other in a speedboat at least kept the girls busy and mainly out of trouble for a few hours.

Towns – this proved rather boring for my nieces, not used to doing much walking around – however we did visit Kotor (attended the carnival, walked half-way to the Fortress of San Giovanni, the cat museum), Herceg Novi and Budva. Looking at cute stray cats on the streets was a recurring theme.

Monasteries – not high on the kids’ list, but my brother very much wanted to visit them. We went to the monasteries of Ostrog, Zupa, Zagradje and Piva, in the continental part of Montenegro (we used Niksic as a base for activities in that part of the country).

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Vrmac Hill (710 m) 
Monday, May 19, 2014, 12:00 am
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At this time of year many of the northern peaks are either inaccessible or dangerous, and the temperature on the coast is not too high, so the coastal mountains are an attractive option. Vrmac is a relatively low-lying peak encompassing a long area – I suppose you could call it a peninsula, from Kotor out to Lepetani, it must be 10 km long. There seem to be plenty of paths – we decided to park the car in Kamenari and take the ferry across (it was free for pedestrians, I don’t know whether it will stay that way), and walk to Donja Lastva, where there is a signpost and asphalted road leading up into the woods. After the end of the asphalt road, there trails are good-quality and clearly marked. After a winding climb up we reached the top of the ridge and the trail led us along the top of the Vrmac massif in the direction of Kotor. We took a path down towards the southern side of the hill (having climbed up the north side), which led through an old abandoned village, with the remains of a mill and a few stone houses, swallowed up in the woodland. After what seemed like quite a long descent, we eventually came out in the town of Stoliv, and were able to cool off our aching feet in the sea. We caught a bus back to Lepetani, then returned on the ferry to the car.
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Return to Niksic - with the rain 
Tuesday, November 5, 2013, 9:57 pm
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I got back to Niksic from the UK a few days ago with lots of fresh craft supplies, and thought I'd check up on the cheddar. From the picture, it is clear that my hygiene measure were not sufficient, so I had to throw away my two rounds, and I guess I'll have to start again :/
I'm not sure whether there'll be a Montenegro calendar this year, as I do not have enough good photos for twelve months, but once the rain stops, I may try to get out and snapping away.

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Finally, no work for a few days... Time to do something completely different 
Friday, September 6, 2013, 7:13 pm
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Having had a really busy summer work-wise and with various Christian camps, today I finally got down to starting some creative projects which I've been wanting to get off the ground since May. The first is my first foray into cheesemaking - namely cheddar cheesemaking, as cheddar is largely unknown and certainly unavailable in Montenegro. The second is to dip-dye linen napkins and a tablecloth (various pictures used for research can be found on my Pinterest boards.
The in-progress photos are not that interesting, but once they are finished, I'll upload something.

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