Kapa Moračka waterfall 
Tuesday, June 7, 2016, 11:00 am
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This hike turned out to be unexpectedly physically demanding, although we allowed 9 hours for it, and returned to the car as the sky was darkening. We followed the path from the previous hike along Štit but instead of walking along the ridge we descended into the next valley and followed the valley floor to under the peaks of Lastva, Zagradac and Kapa Moračka, where we reached the waterfall after 4 hours of walking. The questionable decision was taken then to climb up a steep slope largely of scree which turned out to be around 500 metres high, which was pretty demanding and took us two hours along, with no small peril from sliding rocks. However, the view from the top of Štit was worth the exhaustion, but we still had to hurry back to the car to avoid being caught in the dark on the mountain. This hike was tough on the knees, ankles and feet, and I appreciated the fact that I had kept some level of fitness up over the spring.
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Expedition into the Morača heartland 
Saturday, June 4, 2016, 9:00 am
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After another week of torrential storms, we ventured out on a day which looked promising until the mid-afternoon. So we started at 6.30 and headed to the katun under Žurim, where we headed northwards past the ridge of Veliki and Mali Žurim towards the ridge of Štit, which involved much ascending and descending. When we reached the ridge of Štit, the massif of Lola was visible towards the north-west, and Kapa Moračka to the east. We turned eastwards and followed the top of the ridge to view the same region we had reached in the previous post/hike. This time the waterfall we had heard was clearly visible albeit from quite a distance below us. Our lunch was consumed precariously perched at the top of a sheer drop of roughly 500m. The return was not demanding, and offered the tantalising possibility that we could reach the waterfall next time.
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Start of (non-snow) hiking season 
Friday, May 27, 2016, 10:00 am
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After a strange winter without much snow, we had a spring with too much snow and too much rain. Hence the hiking season started late, but with a vengeance! Having already climbed Zagradac two years ago, we thought we would set the ball rolling by climbing Lastva, a mountain almost immediately next to it, with a view to checking out some of the other peaks in the vicinity. My veteran VW Golf heroically made it as far as Lake Kapetanovo and we walked the rest of the way. It was quite demanding in areas because we took a steep path to the top, but the walk down was very leisurely. The view from the top was quite breathtaking because there were almost sheer cliffs that looked over a stony, bowl-like depression surrounded by a ring of mountains, Kapa Moracka, with two ridges perpendicular (Štit and Lola). We could also hear running water from a waterfall, but could not see it. Cue another expedition...
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Stozina / Unsuccessful ascent of Sljeme 
Saturday, March 12, 2016, 7:00 pm
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This was an aborted attempt to climb Šljeme a few days after a more than a foot of snow had fallen. The road from Virak to Trsa was completely snowed under, so we parked by the main road, opposite the first turn-off to Trsa (by the road that leads down to Pošćensko Lake). This meant an extra kilometre above what we had walked along the road on 27 Feb, but also there was much more snow, so we had to snowshoe the whole time. We left the road just before Stožina and skirted around the depression next to it (on the opposite side from the road) amid worsening conditions due to low cloud. At times visibility was down to 100 metres, plus the uniform white of the snow made it very hard to judge distance and surface contours. In places we were creeping along using our walking poles to feel the surface a metre in front of us, afraid that there would be a sharp fall. A few times we fell over due to not seeing the edge of a snowdrift. The decision was made to not climb Šljeme but to explore nearer to the road, and all of a sudden there appeared a spot of blue sky and the sun illuminated one of the peaks of Sedlo.

This lasted roughly five minutes before the cloud swallowed up the surrounding peaks. Our passage to the climbable south face of Stožina took us along the side of a very steep slope, which was very tricky with either snowshoes or crampons. We had lunch sheltering under an overhang of rock, hemmed in by icicles which would periodically detach themselves and shatter by our feet. Once we passed this part, the ascent to the top of Stožina was a relatively simple affair, but as last time, visibility was poor and the wind was persistently cold. The return to the car seemed to go on for ever, but although we had failed in our initial goal, we gathered enough information and experience to plan a subsequent assault on Šljeme, when hopefully the sun will shine a bit more.
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Mt. Stožina in the snow (1,905 m) 
Saturday, February 27, 2016, 9:50 pm
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The winter has been very mild even in Žabljak, such that the first kilometre of the ring road around Durmitor from the turn-off from the main road to Sedlo was open to cars. The walk from Pošćenski kraj to Sedlo is not very long, so the decision was made to try to climb Stožina, a dramatic-looking hill right next to the road that I had climbed during the late spring of 2015. Once off the road, the snow was quite deep in parts where it had drifted, but still rocks protruded in places. The climb was too steep for snowshoes, but crampons were perfect for the consistency of snow. Much of the hill is grassy terrain, so there was good grip almost all the way up. There was one tricky part two thirds of the way up, where it was very steep and there were many rocks, so in places the crampons were not helpful, in others the snow was very deep in between rocks and we were up past our knees in snow drifts. It took just over an hour to climb, but at the top the wind was bitter, snow started to fall and cloud began to envelop the top of the hill, obscuring what had been a beautiful view over Mt Šljeme. The summit is at 1,905 m, a climb from the road of about 300 m. The descent was very easy and quick, around 20 minutes, there was just that one tricky part that I mentioned on the way up, where we had to scramble backwards.

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