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L - Church Church: Although most inhabitants of Niksic are unaware of it, there is a protestant church in Niksic. I attend and help out at this small fellowship and you can find out much information about its activities and services here. All are welcome to attend, regardless of confession, communion, religion, nationality. The services take place in the local language, but usually somebody will be able to provide translation into English, if that is required.
L - Work Web design: this is my advertisement for my website coding services.
L - Work Work: this is my price list for conversational English lessons and English language proofreading.
L - Photo album Photos: this reproduces a selection of the pictures that I have on Flickr and Facebook, for those that either are not on those social networks, or those who do not wish to become my 'friend'.
L - World Tourism World Tourism: A few pictures and comments from 10 of the modest number of places I have visited around the world, not including Montenegro.
L T Montenegro Montenegro: A selection of 10 places that a first-time visitor to Montenegro should consider visiting. These are not necessarily my top ten, but something for everyone.
L - Next step Places to investigate: This is a list of the next 10 places that I am planning to check out, or have recently explored in Montenegro. There is a clear bias towards mountains, for which I do not apologise.
¦ - Niksic Places in Niksic: Niksic is not at the centre of Montenegro's tourist industry by any stretch of the imagination, but there are some unexpected gems hiding around, which many of Niksic's inhabitants are only dimly aware of.
L - about me About me: just some miscellaneous stuff about me - no great insight, if you wanted that anyway, you should get to know me in the real world.
L - University University: Notes, handouts and grammar notes for my former lessons at the University of Montenegro, in the English Department in Niksic. Obviously, with the new teachers the syllabus has slightly changed and so this is out of date, but still may give some useful information about some of the exam requirements.
L - my blog My Blog: I actually do not update this very much. If something remotely interesting happens to me, I may well post something.
¦ - recordings My Recordings: From time to time I am involved in various musical/video projects which I try to make available here.