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Manito Lake, iced over View towards Mt.Stozac Gacko Ridge View over Moraca Mountains Mt.Trpezarija (Dining Room) Sunrise over Vucje View over Saddle Ridge at sunset Mt.Sljeme at sunset View of Mt.Zurim from Mt.Borovnik Lake Biograd Lake Biograd Lake Biograd Autumn in Piva Mountains View towards Piva Canyon Autumn in Piva Mountains Clouds above Piva Mountains Lake Trnovac Mt.Vrsta, Piva Mountains Mt.Bobotov Kuk in the background Zupci (Sawtooth Ridge) Rainy hike near Saddle Ridge Natural Arch, Mt.Lola Mt.Borovnik Climbing Mt.Bablji Zub The Ice Cave Waterfall in Bijela Mt.Bablji Zub View over Kapa Moracka View towards Sinjajevina plateau View over Moraca Mountains Sunset over Lukavica Church of St.Elijah Church of St.Elijah Mt.Stozina Mt.Zurim at sunset Mt.Maganik Ice around a spring Red Ridge from katun Crows in front of Veliki Zurim View towards Bobotov kuk from Sljeme Reflection in Lake Biogradsko Crocuses in front of Maganik View of Durmitor to Mt. Bobotov Kuk Spring by Kapetanovo Lake Red Ridge and Poplar Lake View from Stozac over Manito and Kapetanovo lakes Detail near Lake Kapetanovo Peak of Mt Sljeme Peak and side of Mt. Prutas Forest by Lake Biogradsko The highest peak of Maganik Village church near Mt. Lola View down on top of Mt. Stozina Waterfall in Gornja Bijela The unique peak of Stozac View towards Moraca Cap View from Maganik towards the Mrtvica Canyon Autumn by Lake Biogradsko Local Balkan chamois Climb up to Mt. Stozac View from top of Mt. Prutas towards Bobotov kuk Far side of Mali Zurim on ascent of Veliki Zurim Karst patterns on ascent of Maganik Virgin forest around Biogradsko Lake Mali (Little) Zurim Mt. Savin Kuk on way to Mt. Sljeme Kapetanovo Lake from above Black Lake under snow View from Mt. Vucje Climb on Mt. Vucje Climb on Mt. Vucje Pavlova Strana, River Crnojevica Rijeka Crnojevica, springtime Lake Skadar Moraca Mountains Moraca Mountains Moraca Mountains Mt. Kapa Moracka Moraca Mountains Lake Modro, Durmitor Red Ridge with Lake Jablan, Durmitor At the summit of Mt. Stozac View from top of Mt Stozac towards the Moraca Mountains View from the top of Mt Stozac towards Lake Manito Lake Kapetanovo panorama View of Mt Sinjajevina from Lake Kapetanovo Lake Kapetanovo St Elijah's Church, Lukavica Millennium Tower, Skopje Swimming in Skopje On top of Bear Mountain Bridge over the Tara Canyon Lake Zaboj Mrtvica Canyon Black Lake from Bear Mountain Mrtvica Canyon Lake Bukumir Lake Kapetanovo Lake Bukumir Bear Mountain Musical Stairs Mist over the Boka On Pestingrad, near Kotor View from Pestingrad View from fort above Orahovac Ruins above Orahovac View down on Perast Pool inside Sopot Cave Skakavica Waterfall, Savnik Niksic Fort Boka Kotorska, Kumbor Boka Kotorska, Kumbor Lake Slano,Niksic Lake Slano,Niksic Lake Slano,Niksic Lake Slano,Niksic Lake Slano,Niksic Ostrog Monastery, Niksic Rural swimming pool in the hills near Nikšic Village Green, near Ozrinici, Niksic Most na Mostanici, 3rd century Roman bridge, Niksic Carev Most, Niksic Carev Most, Niksic Niksic Fortress Lake Skrka, Durmitor Captain's Lake, Niksic/Kolasin border Pool Evening at Pivnica bar, Niksic Bridge at Tunjevo, Niksic Graduation drink, Ibon cafe, Niksic Lake Skrka, Durmitor View from the ascent to Mt Prutas Lunch break below Mt Prutas The Boka Bay Baby Natalija, watching cricket on Mt Vucje Another view of Lake Manito, not far from Captain's Lake Lake Manito, near Niksic Nila, a student from Trebinje Bonfire on Vucje Mt Prutas Lake Zaboj, on the Sinjajevina massif

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