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Sorry everyone, but this section is on hold, as I am no longer officially employed by the University of Montenegro. Last year's files remain here to help anyone who wishes to see the sort of thing that is taught in these classes.

Class notes and handouts

Modern English Semester III

Week 1 handoutWeek 1 - Program for the semester. Note that week 7 is reading week, then week 8 is for mid-term tests. There is no official literature for this subject, but any grammar textbooks will be very useful.

Week 2 handoutWeek 2 - Newspaper article: "Otkriven glavni grad hazarskog kraljevstva" [use of present perfect continuous for actions happening until the present, present perfect for recently completed actions with present consequences, past perfect & articles]

Week 3 handoutWeek 3 - Literature: Mali princ [use of conditionals, past perfect]

Week 4 handoutWeek 4 - Newspaper articles (editorials, opinions). Monty Python play "Spamalot" opens on Broadway. Again, practice of present perfect and simple past tenses. Note: homework given out - see below!

HomeworkSemester homework: Homework is due by 15:30 on 13th November - either Word Document or on paper. Late homework will NOT be awarded any points.

Week 5 handoutWeek 5 - Tourism documents. Excerpt from the Niksic Municipality website with the town's history (practice of past tenses, narratives) and details about Lake Krupac.

Week 6 practice testWeek 6 - Preparation for mid-term test: sentences and a translation. The mid-term test on 29/10/09 will take place at 12:30, lasting 2 hours 30 minutes. The S-E translation will be a text of around 100 words. No more clues!

Week 7 - Reading week

Week 8 testWeek 8 - Mid-term test I. For the exam paper with my suggested translation, please click here. Results should be on the noticeboard by now.

Week 9 handoutWeek 9 - Results and test feedback, introduction to public interpreting preparation for interpreting exercise. This exercise is for the following week and you must prepare for it, if you did not manage to do that in the lesson.

Week 10 - Consecutive interpreting exercise. Feedback given during the lesson.

Week 11 handoutWeek 11 - Formal literature: Veliki èarobnjak - Dragana Konstantinoviæ.

Week 12 handoutWeek 12 - Formal literature: Jovan Hristiæ - Jedan èudan susret Istoka i Zapada.

Week 15 - Results and test feedback

24/12/09: Dictation 9.30am. Final written exam 10am (See noticeboard for oral). Only those that failed at least one part of one of the mid-term tests need do the final written exam. Students need only take the part which they have failed.

Make-up final written exam - 18/01/10 10am (See noticeboard for oral)

Modern English Semester IV

Homework - given out in week 4

Semester plan 2010Week 1 - Plan for the semester

Week 2 handoutWeek 2 - Exotic, advanced texts. Try a variety of texts from Vuk Karadzic to The Books of Knjige.

Week 3 handoutWeek 3 - Proverbs. One sheet of Serbian / Montenegrin proverbs plus a sheet with lots of English proverbs. Provide "calques" and then find the equivalent, if it exists.

Week 4 handoutWeek 4 - Tourist documents. The homework for the semester is also available, below.

HomeworkHomework - poetry translation. As you only have to translate two verses, I expect you to attempt to keep some rhythm and rhyme from the original. Hand-in date: 30th April 2010.

Week 5 handoutWeek 5 - Technical documents

. OK, this isn't so technical - Na drini cuprija, but it is quite architectural.

Reading Week - as promised I will put up a few practice exams for you use as you study towards the mid-term test.Practice mid-term examMid-term test practice i. Click here for the answers.

Mid-term examWeek 8 - Test I. By the way, any of you having to do the final written exam will have to answer these questions about proverbs, so please make sure you know what I am looking for when I ask for a 'calque' and 'communicative paraphrase'. Most you of coped this time.


Mid-term resultsWeek 9 - Results. This is a copy of what is on the 2nd year board - points from all the modern English IV subjects.

Week 10 handoutWeek 10 - Specialist texts. The text for this week is taken from Tvrdjava by Mesa Selimovic. This is about the level of difficulty for the exam text for this half of the semester. Note that next week we will be doing simultaneous interpreting. You need to prepare a 5-minute talk in Serbian about anything you want.

Handout for Week 11Week 11 - Simultaneous interpreting.

Click above for handout and results of the practice. The translation should be completed for next week's class.

Handout for Week 12Week 12 - Complex literature. See above for last week's handout.

Week 13 - Practice test

Week 14 - Test II

Week 15 - Results

Modern English Semester V

Seminar papersSeminar paper for the third year students - although this subject carries no points, it is obligatory in order to enter the second semester, and it is best to start this as soon in the first semester as possible, before all the testing and examining starts. My subjects are all in the area of translation. All but one of the topics has already been taken.

Jezik struke I

Week 1 handoutWeek 1 - Program for the semester. The lessons have been moved to Wednesdays:
Group C - 11:45-12:30 (room 213)
Group A - 13:15-14:00 (room 123)
Group B - 14:00-14:45 (room 124).
Please come to the correct group.

Week 2 - Unlikely scenarios: fighting for one's survival

Week 3 - Structuring an exam response

Week 5 - Assessed debate (preparation mandatory). For anyone who missed this assessment, you will have the chance in week 8 to make up those marks. NOTE: there will be no chance to make up the second assessment which is in week 11. List of topics here for those still to do the assessment.

Week 6 - Class discussion: mythology and customs of Serbia & Montenegro

Week 7 - Reading week

Week 8 - Mid-term tests (no oral)

Week 9 - Random ethical discussions.

Week 10 - Free-talking (ad-libbing) exercises - encouraging greater fluency. Download the file to print out your own cards from this exercise. Contact me if you want a template for doing your own choice of words. For the second exercise "Just a minute", check out the official website for the UK radio programme, and an example of a question being answered from youtube.

Week 11 - Moral issues

Week 12 - Assessed orals (pair discussions). Please sign up on the notice board for your 10 minute slot. No repeats if you don't come on the day (except if you let me know at least one day in advance and have a valid reason).

Iris Murdoch The Sea The SeaWeek 13 - Discussion of semester novel: The Sea The Sea by Iris Murdoch. Obviously, you need to have read the book before this lesson.

Week 14 - End-of-term tests (no oral)

Week 15 - Oral exam practice

Final oral exam - Mon 28th Dec 2009 from 9am

Make-up final oral exam - Mon 25th Jan 2010 from 9am

Second make-up final oral exam - Wed 2nd Feb 2010 from 9am

Jezik struke Semester II

Week 2 - Role playing

Assessment handoutWeek 3 - Job adverts given out - more role playing

Week 4 - Debate preparation

Week 5 - Debate (not assessed)

Week 6 - Job interviews (assessment)

Week 7 - Reading week

Week 8 - Test I (no lesson)

Week 9 - Discussions

Week 10 - Discussions

Week 11 - Fluency practice

Week 12 - Preparations for presentations

Week 13 - Presentations on novel "The Sea, the Sea" (assessment)

Week 14 - Test II (no lesson)

Week 15 - Preparation for oral exams


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