Tour of the North 
Wednesday, August 5, 2009, 1:00 am
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Most people I have met in Niksic who are not from the north have rarely ventured to the north-eastern corner of this country. My parents' coming to Montenegro was the impetus I needed to foray into this region, to the see the famous Prokletije mountains, Lake Plav and see how well this region has developed its tourist potential. Having picked up my parents at Golubovci International Airport, we headed on the single-carriageway 'motorway' in the direction of Belgrade. There had been a pile-up just a couple of days before in the Moraca Canyon, so I drove sensibly. The road from Bijelo polje to Berane was actually good quality and I found Plav without much fuss, however, due to an accident the main road along the eastern side of Lake Plav was closed, so I decided to go around the other side, via Gusinje. Gusinje has plenty of directions for hikers, but very few signposts for drivers (it's a tiny place) and I must be one of the few people in the town's history to have got lost looking for the exit from Gusinje. Eventually we arrived at the Kula Damjanova Hotel in Komnenovo ethno-village. It's highly recommended especially at the special promotional rate, but it must be said that the place is not yet geared up for English-speaking guests, as no-one there seemed to understand the language. My impression of the hotel is one of a massive investment which is slowly being allowed to decay, as things are not replaced or fixed. Fortunately, because the hotel is relatively new, this wasn't so bad. The hotel has a stone exterior, and a dark stained wooden interior, giving an old traditional feel to the environment. It overlooks Lake Plav which is quite pleasant, but just a normal lake.

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