Tićjak/Božurni vrh (1,900m) Mala Lukavica 
Friday, September 30, 2016, 11:00 am
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With the desire to do some bouldering and perhaps get an interesting angle on Lake Kapetanovo, we drove to St Elijah's Church on Lukavica and decided to clamber up the hills/mountains on the right, instead of the left. I don't know whether these are part of Maganik, Zurim or neither, but they resemble Maganik by the rock formations - lots of bare karst, etched by water into picturesque shapes, but always characterised by smooth faces and knife edges. The ascent was not difficult, but we often fell through what seemed to be grass or shrubs in between rocks, but which just covered over a deeper void. I sustained bruising and scratching from one such fall. However, the view over the plain of Lukavica, combined with a panorama of Maganik on the other side and with the Mrtvica Canyon snaking away into the distance towards the Kom Mountains and Prokletije range, make this central part of Montenegro particularly beautiful, in a harsh, rocky way.
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