Ranisava, Durmitor 
Friday, August 12, 2016, 6:00 pm
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This was another hike borne out of the sentiment "That mountain looks interesting, I wonder how we could climb it". We parked along the road to Trsa, where there is signpost for walks to Modro jezero. The mountain itself has no hiking trails, but there are cattle trails up the first part. It had rained just before we attempted this climb, and with thick ground vegetation, our lower legs and feet got soaked very quickly. It was also misty when we started climbing, and it wasn't until we were half-way up that the cloud lifted. The views were amazing, and finding a route was an interesting exercise, but we made it to the first peak, and despite some precarious crawling along the top of a ridge (which eventually becomes Sedlena greda) we made it to the highest peak of Ranisava. Coming down, we decided to take a short cut, which as it usually does, turned out to be not as easy as it looked. We had to navigate our way down over movable rock, where any dislodged material would roll and clatter for twenty-odd seconds right down to the bottom of the slope. But it was fun, and we were rewarded with a lovely sunset.
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