New gaff (nova gajba) 
Wednesday, March 9, 2011, 8:50 pm
Posted by Administrator
I moved in to my new place over a month ago, but I have been rather beset by 'teething' problems, and my internet connection has only just yesterday been semi-sorted out. Many things are relative here, so I try to avoid using unnecessary superlatives.
But it's a nice place, fully furnished, a large main room with living room and kitchen, a wood-burning stove (to be more authentically Montenegrin), a largish bedroom with spacious wardrobes and two beds, and a functional small bathroom. One of the great benefits which many houses in Niksic are missing is good heat insulation, which is really keeping my energy footprint down, and I am doing all of my cooking as well as heating on the wood stove.
The suburb of Niksic (Strasevina) is a 30-minute walk from the centre of Niksic, and as my car is currently not working, I am getting fitter walking everywhere.
I also started a new job soon after I moved, teaching at a newish private language school, giving English conversation lessons in the evenings. It's not enough on its own to pay the rent, but as it's only two evenings a week, it is one of several jobs I am engaged with. I have also started one-on-one English lessons, and my brother is keeping me supplied with web design work while my proofreading work is relatively quiet.
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